Kata Szabadi

Yoga Instructor

Kata Szabadi began her yoga journey after an impairing neck and back injury in 2008 from a car accident. Diving into the practice of Restorative, Gentle and Yin Yoga nourished her body while awakening her mind and heart. A new passion was born.

She discovered a renewed way of living that continues to bring much fullness to her life. Kata's desire to deepen her understanding of the science of Yoga led her to study with outstanding beings. Pavitr Anand, Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna, Russill Paul, Sarah Powers, and Scott Feinberg, just to name a few, have been her most influential teachers. In her commitment to advance her own personal practice, Kata regularly attends workshops and retreats on yoga practices that focus on healing the body on all level and developing Self-awareness.

Kata received her first Hatha Yoga certification from Transcend Yoga in 2010 in Jupiter, Fl. For the past 6 years she has been blessed to continue her education by mentoring participants of this powerful Teacher Training program. She guides group classes and works with private clients building customized individual plans. Her classes incorporate a variety of yoga styles and encourage students to return to wholeness by letting go of anxiety and stress and connecting with inner strength, courage, self-love and acceptance.

She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to help others live a balanced and healthy life. She is an inspiring guide to those who are committed to explore the many self-empowering tools of the art of yoga. All in the spirit and service of enhancing, maintaining and restoring the well-being of all her students.

Asana (postures), pranayama, meditation, sound therapy, along with a touch of philosophy and current wisdom keep her groups unique and varied.