Addiction - Substance Abuse - Pyschosexual

We offer a comprehensive full service transition team from residential treatment to home. This period of time is shown in the research to be critical to long term sobriety. It is perhaps the most pivotal time period in the treatment process as patient’s transition from the safe protected environment of a residential treatment setting back into their world. We provide a comprehensive assessment prior to patients leaving the residential setting so that we can effectively meet the unique needs of the patient’s re-entry.

Support Groups

Support groups are a gathering of people who share a common disorder, like depression, addiction or substance abuse and who meet together to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and provide emotional support for one another.

Holistic Integration

Veritas Palm Beach is a fully integrated wellness center that encompasses complete body work treatments.

Our on-staff Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapists offer multiple treatment options for complete wellness in body, mind and spirit. Contact us to learn more about our specific body work programs and treatment options.